How to Onboard Gig Workers More Quickly

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How to Onboard Gig Workers More Quickly

Anticipated to experience a surge of 30 million new additions in 2023, the gig economy workforce has triggered platforms to reassess the efficacy of their candidate onboarding procedures. Coping with the daily influx of applicants, several platform integrations are struggling to match the pace required for processing background checks. In certain instances, the dropout rates of candidates have soared to nearly 85%, leading to the unfortunate loss of qualified candidates to rival platforms due to a cumbersome onboarding experience. In our most recent industry analysis, Sterling conducted a survey involving more than 400 individuals engaged in the gig economy, revealing that they either withdrew from or contemplated withdrawing from a platform’s onboarding process.

Fortunately for gig companies, they can tackle the hurdles of the onboarding process by making a few straightforward program upgrades. These upgrades can effectively minimize the exodus of skilled candidates from their platform’s onboarding procedures.

#1: Create a User-Friendly Experience

Gig economy job seekers have unique needs compared to full-time employees, often seeking immediate work opportunities upon application. Engaging this workforce effectively relies on ensuring a swift and tailored onboarding experience. To meet hiring goals, gig companies should consider incorporating the following strategies:

  • Mobile-First Approach: With candidates frequently completing background checks via mobile devices, it’s crucial to optimize the process for various mobile applications.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrating the background check process directly into the gig platform enhances user experience. Choosing a background screening partner offering customizable API can streamline the onboarding process and decrease candidate drop-off rates.
  • Candidate Empowerment: Providing candidates with the ability to monitor their background screening status independently can significantly enhance engagement. Securecheck360 offers a robust Candidate Hub, keeping candidates informed through SMS notifications and alerts. Additionally, our dedicated candidate support team ensures timely responses to candidate queries, setting us apart from other background screening vendors.

#2: Automate Internal Processes

Each platform operates uniquely, with background check requirements varying across industries. By integrating automated workflows, you can significantly shorten the processing time from days to mere hours. Whether your platform focuses on asset sharing, transportation, or professional services, Securecheck360 tailors its onboarding process to meet your specific needs. A competent background check solution provider should assist in automating parts of your workflow, minimizing the necessity for manual tasks.

API integrations not only enhance the candidate onboarding experience by ensuring a streamlined process but also boost automation within the platform’s backend. This streamlined communication between your platform, a background screening partner, and the relevant county, state, and federal sources all contributes to expediting the processing time.

#3: Add Verifications

Preventing identity fraud is crucial for both traditional and gig work environments, as it can pose significant financial risks for companies. Therefore, it’s imperative that background check services conduct a variety of verifications to ensure that fraudulent candidates are not able to exploit vulnerabilities in the system.


Here at Securecheck360, we’re experts in delivering top-notch Employment Background Screening Services, serving businesses of all sizes across the globe. Our customized solutions are finely tuned to meet the unique requirements of small, mid-sized, and large organizations. We’re dedicated to equipping companies with the vital tools and insights they need to make well-informed hiring choices. As one of the leading background verification companies, we’re committed to supporting even small businesses as trusted background check companies for small businesses to ensure they have the confidence to build the best teams for their success.

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Whether you’re running a burgeoning startup or a well-established brand, speedy background check processing remains a perpetual concern. However, with the right partner, you can effectively overcome these challenges. Recognizing that gig candidates anticipate quicker results compared to their traditional counterparts (often within hours instead of days) is crucial in enhancing your program’s efficiency and minimizing candidate drop-off rates.

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