Background Screening Solutions For Healthcare Industry

SecureCheck360 helps you hire candidates with a reputable background so you can avoid hiring someone that puts your patients and organization at risk.

How SecureCheck360
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Healthcare workers are expected to be reliable, compassionate, attentive to detail, and most of all qualified. In this quick-paced industry, it’s critical that every employee has received proper training and the facility is in compliance with federal and state regulations.

SecureCheck360 gives healthcare providers the tools they need to run background checks whenever they need to whether it be pre-screening or interim re-screening to protect your patients and your business. We are a reputable company that provides accurate and reliable results to keep your organization in compliance.

Common Healthcare Industry
Background Screening Reports:

⦁ Drug Testing
⦁ Identity Check
⦁ Resume Validation
⦁ International Education and Employment
⦁ Criminal Background Check
⦁ Credit History
⦁ Driving Records
⦁ Social Media

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