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SecureCheck360 is a leading provider of fast and accurate background checks, for federal, state, and county government agencies.

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There is a set expectation for public workers to be ethical and accountable for the work they perform, whether they are a volunteer or a full-time employee. Some of the basic requirements for qualifications include US citizenship, security clearance, job-related education, experience, and training. 

SecureCheck360 provides reporting capabilities that help recruiters determine whether a candidate has the skills and competencies necessary to perform a particular job. These background screening reports help safeguard the organization and its representing members against potential fraud attempts, poor media reputation, and valuable information.

Common Public Sector
Background Screening Reports:

⦁ Drug Testing
⦁ Identity Check
⦁ Resume Validation
⦁ International Education and Employment
⦁ Criminal Background Check
⦁ Credit History
⦁ Driving Records
⦁ Social Media

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