Background Screening Solutions For Real Estate Industry

SecureCheck360 has quick and easy background checks to process applicants of every kind in the real estate industry from tenants to employees.

How SecureCheck360
can help.

Real estate professionals require a license to operate, while tenants are screened for the safety of other residents in the neighborhood. It’s not only a requirement by state and federal law, it’s a matter of ethics as well. You’ll want to hire individuals who can be trusted with sensitive client information, and rent or sell properties to tenants who will be trustworthy.

SecureCheck360 will provide you with the tools you need to screen for both types of individuals. You can prevent a tarnished reputation and avoid high risk situations by evaluating a person’s background history. We can help you do that in a timely manner so you can address concerns before they become a problem.

Common Real Estate Industry
Background Screening Reports:

⦁ Criminal background checks
⦁ Drug Testing
⦁ Identity Checks
⦁ Verifications
⦁ Resume Validation
⦁ Driving Records
⦁ Electronic i-9 & E-Verify
⦁ International Education and Employment
⦁ Social Media
⦁ Tenant Screening

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