Background Screening Solutions for Staffing Agencies

SecureCheck360 understands the importance of time and accuracy during the pre-employment process to fulfill staffing requirements.

How SecureCheck360
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A temporary staffing agency’s reputation resides in its ability to staff trustworthy, skilled employees on a last-minute basis. In today’s competitive landscape, potential employers source staffing agencies to save time and money with the expectation that the candidates suggested for the desired position are qualified for the job. 

With so many ways to reinvent yourself online or with modern technology, it’s not uncommon for screening candidates to provide false information about their experience or education. People will often hide unattractive details about their background to appeal to an employer. We’ve seen everything from fake college degrees to false employment information and the non-disclosure of criminal history.

Common Staffing Agency
Background Screening Reports:

⦁ SSN trace and Validation
⦁ Drug Testing
⦁ Identity Check
⦁ Resume Validation
⦁ International Education and Employment
⦁ Criminal Background Check
⦁ Credit History
⦁ Driving Records
⦁ Social Media

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