Background Screening Solutions for Technology Companies

SecureCheck360 will provide you with all the information necessary to make well-informed hiring decisions.

How SecureCheck360
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The technology industry often requires specific security measures to protect confidential data.  Recruiting talent that is sensitive to the regulations put in place starts with pre-employment screening to determine that an applicant is qualified for the position and capable of performing the work requested.

SecureCheck360 will provide you with compliant reporting capabilities to perform most background checks instantly through our Applicant Tracking System software integration.  We empower your human resources department to perform their jobs more efficiently and hire better candidates faster. 

Common Technology Industry
Background Screening Reports:

⦁ Criminal background checks
⦁ Drug Testing
⦁ Identity Checks
⦁ Verifications
⦁ Resume Validation
⦁ Electronic i-9 & E-Verify
⦁ International Education and Employment

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