Background Screening Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

SecureCheck360 understands the risks associated with working in a manufacturing plant and helps you find quality applicants who can comply with your required safety standards.

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Safety compliance in the manufacturing industry is of the utmost importance even if you are not working directly with dangerous equipment, heavy machinery, or hazardous substances.  With high employee turnover rates, production deadlines, and OSHA guidelines to follow, the need to quickly fill positions with highly qualified individuals is a real challenge.

SecureCheck360 provides you with the background screening tools and services you need to maintain workplace safety in compliance with industry standards, minimize accidents on the job, and retain a reliable workforce.  We can customize a screening package that fits the requirements of your organization, so you have time to focus on the other more important aspects of your business.

Common Manufacturing Industry Background Screening Reports:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Identity Checks
  • Verifications
  • Resume Validation
  • Driving Records
  • Electronic i-9 & E-Verify
  • International Education and Employment

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