Resume Validation Process

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The resume validation process is the best way to mitigate the risks of hiring procedures from an entry-level position to a senior-level position.
Resume Validation Process

The resume validation process is the best way to mitigate the risks of hiring procedures from an entry-level position to a senior-level position. The resume validation process can guarantee the information provided in the resume is genuine and true, no overlap of education history with employment history, and discrepancy in overall experience vs. Year of Birth. Also, exaggerated claims are recognized, and restorative activities can be guaranteed. According to Society for ‘Human Resource Management’, an awful contract means costs as much as multiple times the pay of the wrong employee hired. Especially when employing key officials, extraordinary alert with background checks is a basic necessity for organizations. The rates of crime, theft and other malpractices can land a loss of productivity and brand reputation. In the U.S., misfortunes relating to theft in the work environment prompt losses above $4 billion each year. Department of Commerce estimated over 30% of businesses fail on account of terrible contracts.

In a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder found that 58% of employers in the IT industry have caught candidates lying on their resumes. Another survey says that 1 in every 6 employees lie on their resume. The top 9 lies found on my resume are:

  • Skills 
  • Responsibilities
  • Employment Dates
  • Job Titles 
  • Education
  • References
  • License + Certifications
  • Companies
  • Reason for Leaving

Resume validation is considered as a key to a successful organization

Securecheck360’s intensive resume validation process incorporates certain checks that cover every single part of the information provided in the resume by using AI to learn from most effective hiring procedures to improve the quality of hiring an employee and reduce turnover cost to the companies and associations. 

Our Extensive Resume Validation Step-by-Step Process Features as:

Education Verification:

Our expert team will contact the educational institutions candidate has listed to verify the course of study and the degrees awarded and also research for any professional licenses to guarantee that they are all updated. Verify the data through AI-based software and cross-verify the information.

Employment Verification:

Our certified verifier will contact the businesses recorded on candidate resume or application to check the positions that candidate has worked for. Contact references given by the Candidate to determine their role, performance, and character. 

Identity Verification:

This is one of the most basic and extremely crucial verification in the resume verification process. Most companies look for identification verification as the most significant factor for their enlisting procedures. 

Address Verification:

This step ensures that applicants did not indulge in fraudulent practices with their addresses so that employers’ can easily reach them in case of any emergencies.  

Reference Check:

This step of verification will save an organization a lot of time, resources and trouble that will arise in the future, and also ensures that the candidate’s reference is appropriate with the information provided.

Securecheck360 offers a comprehensive approach and attention to detailed resume validation process and provides accurate reports to meet the diverse needs of each client. We help customers to determine whether a candidate is qualified for the desired role based on education, experience, identification, and reference. Accurate results are delivered with a quick turnaround time. With the pressure to hire many employees in a short amount of time and the competitive environment of the industry, staffing firms need timely resume validations at a reasonable cost. 

Securecheck360 provides a package designed for the staffing industry. This package is cost-effective and timely, enabling the human resources team to make fast hiring decisions.

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