Should You Do Background Checks on Seasonal Employees?

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As the seasons shift, various sectors witness a surge in activity, be it the vibrant buzz of summer or the festive cheer during the holidays.
background checks for seasonal employees

If you’re a business owner accustomed to the peak season rush, chances are you’re gearing up to bolster your workforce in the upcoming months.

Opting for seasonal employees not only allows you to leverage a team that’s brimming with enthusiasm but also aids in surpassing your business targets while curbing the need for overtime pay for your existing staff.

However, the process of recruiting temporary workers does present its own set of hurdles. Failing to conduct proper background checks could potentially expose your business to risks such as employee theft, fraudulent activities, and customer grievances.


In the peak season, it’s not uncommon for retail establishments to bring onboard brand ambassadors to amplify product promotion efforts, distribute coupons, or offer free samples, all while fostering stronger customer relationships.

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Industries That May Hire Seasonal Employees

Different industries experience fluctuations in their activity levels across the year. Understanding whether your company belongs to one of the key sectors that frequently hire seasonal staff can significantly aid in strategizing a streamlined and effective recruitment process.


During the festive season, retail outlets witness a surge in activities, demanding additional support for enhanced customer experiences, efficient inventory management, and seamless workforce coordination. Even temporary businesses catering to specific events or holidays, like Halloween-themed stores, may find themselves in need of temporary staffing solutions.


During the bustling holiday months from November to January, the United States Postal Service experiences its peak mailing season. With an upsurge in the sending of heartfelt gifts and the surge in online shopping, postal companies eagerly seek to fill various roles, including temporary delivery drivers, factory workers operating multiple shifts, mail processors, and administrative support staff.


The flow of the hospitality industry revolves around seasonal changes and the rhythm of school breaks and holidays. From bustling summer getaways and corporate events to the festivities of the winter season, the surge in reservations for dining, beverages, and accommodations necessitates a greater workforce in various hospitality establishments.


Seasonal hiring of warehouse workers meets the surge in demand during peak periods, such as holidays and promotions. They ensure timely order fulfillment, smooth logistics, and efficient inventory management, enabling businesses to adapt to market fluctuations and maintain customer satisfaction.

Delivery Drivers

During the holiday season, delivery drivers at companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx experience increased demand due to the surge in online shopping and gift deliveries. Their timely and efficient services are crucial in meeting customer expectations and ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Why Are Background Checks Important When Hiring Seasonal Employees?

Given the transient nature of seasonal staff, typically staying for six months or less, there might be a temptation to streamline the screening process for swift onboarding. However, succumbing to this temptation can prove to be a critical error. Conducting comprehensive background checks for temporary employees not only mitigates hiring risks but also contributes to enhanced workplace performance.

Theft and Fraud

Seasonal employees, due to their short-term employment, can pose a higher risk of engaging in fraudulent or thieving activities. Startling statistics reveal that almost 20% of retail job applicants exhibit a high likelihood of pilfering from their employers.

Conducting thorough background checks on seasonal staff becomes imperative to ascertain that they have no criminal history, particularly involving violence, fraud, or theft. Additionally, implementing a mandatory drug screening test can further reinforce the credibility of your hiring process.

By prioritizing pre-employment screening, you empower yourself to make well-informed decisions regarding the suitability of prospective candidates for the job.

Potential for Permanent Role

Dedicated seasonal staff often exhibit exceptional performance, making them potential candidates for full-time or permanent roles within your organization. By investing effort in thorough vetting during the initial hiring process, you lay the foundation for streamlining future recruitment endeavors.

The inclusion of background checks enables you to delve into applicants’ past employment records, their online presence on social media, and any prior criminal history. While the hiring process can be an exhaustive task, stringent screening procedures aid in identifying competent and reliable individuals who align with your company’s ethos and values.

Better Hiring, Better Business

Embracing background checks provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the individuals you intend to hire. It equips you to take into account any prior convictions that might impact your judgment and decision-making process.

Screening potential candidates enables you to identify seasonal workers who excel in delivering exceptional customer service and possess the necessary skills crucial for the role. A robust hiring process not only bolsters customer retention but also paves the way for future business expansion and growth.

Tips for Background Checks When Hiring Seasonal Employees

Implementing thorough background checks can provide employers with a sense of security and reassurance. Nevertheless, it is imperative to conduct these checks diligently and in accordance with legal protocols to prevent any potential legal repercussions.

Know the Laws Governing Background Checks

Background checks are subject to a host of regulations at the local, federal, and state levels, all aimed at fostering a fair and equitable hiring environment for job seekers. Employers must adhere to an array of legal frameworks, including anti-discrimination laws, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, and specific local screening regulations such as the Ban the Box laws.

Give Candidates Proper Notice

In the event of rejecting a prospective candidate due to information derived from their background check, it is crucial to send them an adverse action notice. According to the guidelines outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), this notice must encompass details sourced from the consumer report that influenced the decision. The adverse action letter should also include the contact details of the background check company and provide the candidate with information about their rights to challenge the completeness or accuracy of the report.


Implementing thorough background checks for seasonal employees is a crucial step in safeguarding your business and ensuring a secure and productive work environment. By adhering to legal guidelines and conducting comprehensive screenings, you not only mitigate hiring risks but also foster a culture of trust and reliability within your workforce.

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