Why Choose Us?

At Securecheck360, we leave no stone unturned by digging deeper to uncover the information our clients require where others cannot by leveraging the use of latest technologies and most efficient research mechanisms.

Finding a needle 
in a haystack.

Securecheck360 is a successful industry leader, perfectly positioned to provide background screening services to clients of all sizes. We have advanced technology and integrated systems that are unmatched by competitors, and the boutique-style customer service you need to make the background screening process both personalized and seamless.

Reasons why Securecheck360
is right for you.

  • Customized billing processes designed to meet client unique needs
  • Customized account set-up
  • Live, in-house, domestic customer service
  • We answer emails and phone calls – no playing phone tag or enduring excessive and unnecessary hold times
  • Numerous personal touchpoints, which enable our company to secure the most up-to-date and accurate data every time
  • Advanced automated, secure and highly technological systems unmatched by competitors, and even larger background screening firms
  • International Employment Verification
  • Electronic I-9 and E-Verify
  • Quick Turn-around time
  • Securecheck360 utilizes one integrated platform, which helps streamline our process and expedite our reporting capabilities

Why Choose Us?

Global Coverage

We provide unparalleled services ensuring compliance with International Laws associated with each Country and utilize only legitimate sources. We strictly adhere to data protection policy across the Globe and Safe Harbor regulations with regards to information obtained from European Union.

Fast Turnaround Time

Getting a background verification report on time is important in this fast-moving world which ensures accuracy and compliance. Our results are generated through our paperless workflow automation software with quick turnaround times.

Resume Validation

We will validate the identity of the job applicant, their hiring history, educational background and references. We verify whether or not the credentials provided on a candidate’s resume are valid, so you can determine if the person meets your company’s eligibility requirements.

Custom Packages

We made it possible to tailor a custom background check package to your customer’s specifications with plenty of room for flexibility to ensure you never pay for more than what you need.


Securecheck360 has in-depth knowledge on laws that govern the pre-employment screening industry. We are actively gathering new information and updates that sets a national standard and strive to ensure that all of the screening methods are equitable and legally compliant.

API Integration

Your problems with ATS integration are solved. Securecheck360 brings a paperless workflow automation software (API) that is already full gamut of core services such as SSN Trace and Validation

PBSA Accredited

Securecheck360 is PBSA-Accredited Company which is awarded as recognition to represent our commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards, and continued institutional improvement.

24/7 Support

Securecheck360 provides round the clock service 365 days a year. We provide live, in-house, and domestic customer service support ensuring to answer emails and phone calls and eliminating the playing phone tag or enduring excessive and unnecessary hold times.