Why Is Post-employment Verification Necessary?

The job market is currently incredibly difficult for both employees and employers. Organizations must hire qualified candidates with the appropriate skill sets and a clean background for their businesses. Whether it’s a small firm or a major corporation, companies conduct post-employment verification for various reasons.

Past performance of the employee

Companies should be aware of how staff carries out their responsibilities. Employers frequently experience a halo effect during interviews, causing the employee to exaggerate his abilities. Companies can learn about a candidate’s performance in their former position by doing reference checks. Many businesses know that employees may have done brilliantly because of extraordinary circumstances. Through the post-employment screening, they will, at the very least, be able to determine the employee’s sincerity and devotion.

Drug and Substance Testing

Candidate drug and alcohol testing are mandatory for many job positions. Many states make drug testing a requirement for employment, and some organizations have policies in place for the same. According to state and federal laws, Secure Check 360 conducts drug testing as part of the post-employment screening procedure.

Meeting POSH requirements

Employers should check if the employee has a history of sexual harassment and review their performance. This verification is necessary during post-employment screening to ensure the safety of female employees in the workplace.

Compensation verification

Employees have been caught in the act of inflating their former income and fabricating documents in the past. Companies can contact HR personnel directly during post-employment verification to learn about the employee’s most recent organizational compensation.

Maintaining the integrity of the company

The employees make the reputation of the organization. Sometimes, there is a discrepancy in the information presented by the employees. In the long run, it can affect the organization’s reputation in the market as the company will be known for hiring people who engage in nefarious activities.

Hence, post-employment checks are needed to hire trustworthy employees.

Just like before investing, you read and cross-check the documents; similarly, organizations do a post-employment verification to have the right employee in their organization.

With SecureCheck 360, post-employment verification becomes hassle-free for employers.

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Published: December 28th, 2021